Akwaaba, Welcome!

Kekesplace – invites you to retreat, relax and to renew……

An oasis of vitality, tranquillity and striking natural beauty, you will be enchanted by the rushing sounds of the Atlantic Ocean, long empty beaches and an unparalleled hospitality and friendliness of our staff who had make your stay a pleasant one.

The perfect secret escape for your relaxation.


Mankoadze, a small fishing village in the central region of Ghana, with fishermen in canoes twice a day, fishing with a drum and a song.It´s just 70 kms from Accra, Ghana´s capital and 10 kms from Winneba, westward direction Cape Coast.

The Lodge is constriued to get you away from it all. It is nestled in a lush environment, right on the crystal clear atlantic ocean in Ghana.

  • Stay at one of the most beautiful beaches in West Africa.

  • Go on cultural, historical and wildlife tours

  • Enjoy the immense friendliness and warmth of our staff well versed in the local culture and customs

Retreat, relax and recharge!

Active Relaxation

  • Beachwalking – make long empty stretches of beaches your own

  • Birdwatching in the Mangroves – let nature enchant you

– Go on cultural, historical & wildlife tours


a few words to Ghana ….

Ghana, these are colorful, lively markets, but also lonely, white beaches with wild surf. These are rain-forests with impressive vegetation and an exciting wildlife. These are tropical heat and red dust, European colonial history alongside African democratization.
Ghana….it is the memory of a wonderful country